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    "Thank you for your work on our project over the last two years. Some companies talk a good game during the bidding process but don’t execute well at game time. W.C. Spratt talked a good game and then went and played a good game. W.C. Spratt showed up with the right equipment and the right people but more importantly they showed up with a “get it done” attitude. I would recommend W.C. Spratt to anyone looking for a Sitework and utility contractor."

    Preston Hendricks, Senor Project Manager-Balfour Beatty Construction

    On behalf of the entire Utilities Department team here in Stafford County, I would like to extend to your organization our deepest appreciation for the material resources and manpower you provided during our recent 24" force main break.
    Your staff quickly snapped into action upon finding out about our predicament and sent over a pipe crew which provided invaluable assistance during the repair of the force main. It's this type of reliability, flexibility and willingness to help that has always made WC Spratt such an invaluable partner for Stafford County.

    Jason Towery, PE, Acting Director of Utilities

    I am writing to express my appreciation for your efforts with the cement grouting of I-5 just south of exit 126. Because of your efforts, the potential impacts to those that rely on this east coast corridor were quickly negated. Throughout our discussions, you were willing to listen to understand the concerns of all those involved and take the necessary actions. You were very professional and are deserving of recognition for your efforts.

    David R. Stanley, Fredericksburg Residency Administrator

    On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, Lee Ratcliff and crew performed a new water tie in for the Stafford Fire House Company 2 located on Courthouse Road. This letter is sent to commend this team for exceptional performance during completion of the task. Nice jobs, guys.

    Mark Mitchell, Utilities Inspector

    Thanks again for your company's efforts repairing our failed slope. I know you had more profitable projects that were held up while you equipment and crew was here.
    I also appreciate you adjusting the bill down from what you would have billed others for the same work. That helps me swallow a pill I didn't expect this year.
    Something I have learned and will never forget when dealing with site work and water is to find every possible source of water and get it capped or rerouted. Ha. I think I've finally realized the other sources of water that have haunted us.
    Take care and I hope your family has a great Christmas season.

    Rick, M&M Auto Parts, Inc.

    This letter will serve as a recommendation for W.C. Spratt Company. Joe Amberger and I purchased Lee's Hill Golf Club on December 18,2007. I had an opportunity to meet with Peter Strychowskyj and Sonny Hanks within the first couple of weeks on property. Peter and Sonny both gave my Superintendent and I an overview of the scope of their sewer expansion project for Spotsylvainia County that would run through our property.
    The project had started in late fall 2007 and was underway before we purchased the golf course in December. From December of 2007 until September of 2008 W.C. Spratt worked vigorously on putting a more adequate sewer system across my property to adequately meet the needs of the growing amount of Spotsylvainia Count residents. Peter, Sonny and many other W.C. Spratt employees made this necessary project as easy as possible considering it required using heavy equipment and machinery that affected several holes out on the golf course. From top to bottom, every W.C. Spratt employee did what they could to ensure that the golfers enjoyed their round despite playing through the construction. Sonny and his staff were constantly apologizing for the mess that the golfers had to endure while playing through the construction areas.
    In closing, I feel that I was able to build a new business relationship with the team from W.C. Spratt. I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend them for any future work. I was surprised to find that the company was very customer friendly throughout the entire process despite the typical stereotype of a construction company as far as dealing with customers. Thanks for all the hard work W.C. Spratt!

    Jamie Loughan, Owner/General Manager Lee's Hill Golf Club

    We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your company for the support you supplied over the last two months. We were installing drilled piers on top of a hill running along side campus drive. We had very little room to stock pile spoil material plus we had environmental concerns of run-off if we received heavy rains during a summer thunderstorm. Being able to call Brian after a day's drilling and have trucks to haul off the excess oil was a tremendous help.
    The college was extremely pleased with the paving that your company provided for us. Doug Cook made several suggestions that really made the new paving blend in well with the existing. Doug's crew was able to come in, complete their work, clean-up and demobilize in less than a day - Very impressive.
    Again thanks for you support in helping us complete this project in a timely manner.

    B.E. Stoneman, Jr., Technical Foundations, Inc.

    This letter is a recommendation letter on the outstanding performance of your firm at NAVFAC Project P 599 WTBN BEQ Quantico, Virginia. Throughout the project schedule including tremendous adverse weather conditions, your firm stepped to the plate and HIT A GRAND SLAM. Not only did your office staff do an OUTSTANDING JOB but ALL of your field crews that worked on this project with me held the same bar of excellence. It has been a pleasure working with you and your firm and I consider it an honor to work with you and your firm again in the future.

    Harold Adams, RQ Construction Superintendent

    Just wanted to say how courteous your workers are!!! Yesterday afternoon my 6 year old son and I were walking down Caroline Street and he was enamored with the trucks, the people and the work going on. All of the workers were nice and smiled at us while we watched them work, but two stood out to me (I wish I knew their name). We stopped to watch at one place while they used machinery to fill in a hole after replacing a fire hydrant. One of the men said hello to my son and gave him a stick of gum. You would have thought it was a million dollars my son was so impressed. We walked along and stopped again. We were watching a different hydrant hole being worked on. The man operating the backhoe saw my son's shirt (Fredericksburg Christian School) and hopped down and came over to talk to him. He said his two children went to that school and wondered if my son was friends with them. Both those two actions touched me and made my day! Since I've been an adult, I've had a hard time finding a place to call "home", but I'm so incredibly glad I found Fredericksburg. The people here are so nice.

    Mary Cantrell Januszko, Caroline Water Street Project