W.C. Spratt, Sr. began this Fredericksburg construction company more than 90 years ago. Our first project was the Fredericksburg City Water Reservoir and Treatment Plant – completed in 1927 and operational for more than 50 years. Many successful projects followed and under the continued leadership of Campbell and Rob Spratt, the company established its reputation as an industry leader known for tackling challenging and complex projects across a broad range of customers.

In 1992 Rob Spratt’s vision enabled a transfer of ownership to the employees of W.C. Spratt, Inc. giving the company’s workforce a unique opportunity as vested partners and resulting in a stable and talented growth-oriented employee base.

As an owner, each worker shares in W.C. Spratt’s success. That direct relationship between employee and company fuels a very strong concern for customer satisfaction. Visit any of our job sites to see our team taking extra steps toward quality job performance because they care about their work and the company’s reputation. Currently we employ more than seventy-five people, many of whom have over 20 years with the company.

W.C. Spratt serves an area extending 50 miles from Fredericksburg and has contributed significant success to the steady growth of that region. Our methods are constantly improving to meet new demands and sustain consistently high results both safely, and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Over the years, W.C. Spratt has installed hundreds of miles of roads, water and sewer utility work in Virginia at MCCDC Quantico, NSWCDD Dahlgren, Fort AP Hill, Jamestown, Yorktown, Charlottesville, Petersburg, Fredericksburg, also in Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George and Prince William Counties.


W.C. Spratt, Sr. and founder - 1927

Our areas of experience

Total site development and heavy highway

W.C. Spratt, Inc. is ready to complete your total site work package. Our process includes initial installation of erosion control measures to the final pavement striping and all tasks in between. Our experienced staff will eliminate worries and stress from dealing with multiple contracts and companies. We are committed to being your total site-work solution and look forward to discussing your needs.

Water Distribution

Ranging in size from 3/4” to 42” and length from a single 30 foot house service to a single project comprised of over 14 miles (74,000 feet) of water distribution including all appurtenances, connections, testing and restoration. We have successfully worked on projects comprised of water storage tanks, pump stations, chlorine application systems and much more.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

2” diameter force mains to 48” gravity transmission interceptors varying in scope from house services up to over 5 miles (34,000 feet) of emergency complete replacement including pump arounds, dozens of structures and complete restoration. Major pump station including odor control and flow monitoring in ground conditions ranging from rock to running sand. Many miles of gravity sewer in historic and congested conditions successfully using design build guaranteed cost methods.

Storm Sewer Networks

Our experience includes typical concrete pipe culverts sized from 15 inch to 110 inch including appurtenances all the way to underground storm water management comprised of 120 sections of 12’x18’x8’ precast structures set over 3’ of drainage media beneath a proposed parking lot. We have installed networks using box culverts, reinforced concrete pipes, pre-cast and poured in place structures, HDPE, CMP, PVC, DIP, and much more.

Budget Estimates and Pre-Construction Planning

Our staff works diligently with clients and design teams to evaluate program alternatives and develop approaches that provide value and reduce cost without compromise to your project. Our pre-construction services bring value, potential cost savings and informed decision-making while eliminating surprises to give you a predictable outcome. We will provide cost and schedule impacts for suggestions offered including comprehensive breakdowns.

Design Build

Significant schedule, quality and cost benefits are realized using the design-build method to construct projects. Our expertise with successful design-build projects dates back 15 years and we are pleased to have been a partner on over $15 million worth of projects ranging from a pump station rehabilitation on a military base to 30,000 feet of utility infrastructure for a municipality.

Trenchless Technology Including Horizontal Directional Drilling

Now in its third decade of existence, trenchless technology is a popular alternative to conventional excavation methods in congested areas or to avoid existing utilities. Our experience includes methods appropriate for any condition including horizontal directional drilling, cured in place pipe (CIPP), pipe bursting and pipe relining using various materials just to name a few.